Delbert "The Iceman" Smith

A Kansas Living Late Model Legend: The Iceman
by Dusty Wiegert

47 years.

Some people have thoughts of a 20-year career in sports as being complete and successful. Even 30 sounds amazing. But after 47 years, Wichita native Delbert "The Iceman" Smith is still on top of his game in the Late Model division in the year 2021.

All those years ago, he got his start from watching his uncle and then his brother, Lonnie, race. He then jumped behind the wheel and raced at 81 Speedway in Wichita, Kansas, and Fun Valley Speedway in Hutchinson, Kansas. ...More

Dan "SoBe" Smith

Continuing a family tradition: This is SoBe
by Goggles Pisano

He was born into it roughly 40 years ago.

Dan is an accomplished racer in his own right. He is applying lessons learned by studying some of the most significant drivers in the sport. Turning wrenches for his father and later for a few of the sport's biggest names. He works for several companies specializing in motorsport products as a graphics designer, marketing specialist, and product developer.

Dan prides himself as a jack of all trades.